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Living in a country where the sun shines almost all year long, photovoltaic systems in Cyprus is an easy and beneficial way to use Renewable Energy Sources and contribute towards environment protection.

We want to offer consumers the best photovoltaics in Cyprus, so that they can fully benefit from their investment and at the same time develop a sustainable life using Renewable Energy Sources. We specialize in commercial, Net-Metering, Net-Billing, solar streetlights and solar water pump photovoltaics in Cyprus.

Types of Photovoltaic Systems in Cyprus

We offer different types of photovoltaic systems. Cyprus is a country the sun rarely abandons and this is a great investment opportunity for individuals and businesses.

Net-Metering Systems

Net-Metering in Cyprus is a photovoltaic system that helps permanent residents of Cyprus to save on their electricity bills. The consumer chooses which system they wish to install on their roof or plot. Their photovoltaic system is connected to the EAC network and in this way the energy produced and the electricity consumed in the property are calculated. If the photovoltaic system produces more energy than the consumer uses, the excess will be stored in the EAC grid for the following month. However, if the consumption is more than the production, the EAC will do the calculations and bill the citizen with the appropriate amount.

The same applies for Virtual Net-Metering for people who cannot install a photovoltaic system at their place of residence. In this case, the solar panels are installed at a different location but the system works the same way as standard Net-Metering.

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net metering


Net-Billing in Cyprus is mostly used by large consumers as the minimum power of a Net-Billing photovoltaic system is 10 kW. It is an extremely beneficial scheme which helps people make a profit by generating and using Renewable Energy Sources.

Find more information on the Scheme for the Generation of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources for Self-Consumption approved by the Council of Ministers,  on our blog.

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Commercial Photovoltaic Systems

Commercial photovoltaic systems in Cyprus are usually used by businesses for self-consumption. That is, the energy generated by the solar panels is solely used for the building where the panels are installed. Unlike in a Net-Metering system, there is no calculation of the excess energy produced and reduction of the respective amount from the consumer’s utility bill.

Self-generated solar systems are mostly used by shops, offices, factories, and businesses with high electric energy consumption in general.

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Solar Water Pumps

Solar pumps are pumps that work with the energy generated by solar panels.

Solar pump maintenance is very important to ensure that the system works as it should and that the water is clean. Solar water pumps can be used for swimming pool cleaning, swimming pool water recycling, extracting water from wells as well as for agricultural purposes such as watering crops and livestock. Solar water pumps are also used for remote areas where easy access to water is not an option.

On a sunny day, the water pump can be generated directly from the photovoltaic panels and at other times the energy produced by the panels can be stored in a battery to be used when needed, for example when there is not much sun.

Solar pumping is very beneficial both financially and environmentally. It is a low-maintenance watering option that doesn’t require fuel and fuel spills. It can be easily installed and it can operate without human monitoring.

solar water pumps

Solar Streetlights

Street lighting using solar panels in Cyprus is an excellent environmentally friendly way to save energy. Solar streetlights are ideal for residential streets, parking lots, parks, highways, and industrial areas. They increase visibility on the street and they make roads safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Solar lightning uses LED lights which are very beneficial. Solar street LED lights are water resistant, cost-effective, and low maintenance. Also, their light attracts much more fewer insects than regular streetlights. Solar LED streetlights have a longer lifespan and easier installation than common lights, hence the overall lower cost.

solar streetlight panels
PV System
Cost (€)
Estimated Annual
Energy Production (kWh)
Annual Savings
(€) (0.26€/kWh)
Annual Fee
to EAC (€)
Net Annual
Profit (€)
of the PV System
3kW5,0004,9501,2871601,1274 years
4kW6,0006,6001,7162161,5004 years
5kW7.3008,2502,1452701,8754 years
7kW10,50011,5503.0033782,6254 years
10kW14.00016,5004.2905403,7504 years

Maintenance of Photovoltaics in Cyprus

Regular maintenance that includes cleaning and inspection is important for the smooth operation of solar panels in Cyprus.
Cleaning the solar panels regularly helps them work better as it allows maximum sun absorption. An inspection from time to time is important to make sure that the photovoltaic system functions properly.

Our team offers maintenance services so that your photovoltaic panels in Cyprus always operate correctly. We monitor the numbers of our customers’ solar panels in Cyprus regularly, and we visit them for inspection for errors that may affect the operation and productivity of the photovoltaic systems.

maintainance of solar panels
Can photovoltaic systems in Cyprus only be installed on a roof?

Photovoltaic systems can be installed on flat and inclined roofs and on the ground. Our team can visit the place where you want the solar panels to be installed, evaluate the amount of space, sun exposure and possible shading and suggest the best place so that you make the most out of your photovoltaic panels in Cyprus.

Who is eligible for solar panels in Cyprus?

Anyone with Cyprus permanent residency is eligible for a photovoltaic system in Cyprus, given that the property they want the panels to be installed on is interconnected with the EAC network and it was built according to the regulations of the Department of Town Planning and Housing.

When will I start making a profit out of my photovoltaic system?

This depends on which system you choose, the electricity you consume and, of course, electricity prices from time to time. However, the approximate time period within which customers are expected to start making a profit is approximately 4 years.

Are solar panels only used for residential properties?

Solar panels in Cyprus are used for residential, industrial and commercial properties. Other than home use, many businesses install photovoltaic panels in Cyprus for self-consumption. That is, they use the energy the photovoltaic system generates directly, but cannot store any excess energy for following months.

Installing Solar Panels in Cyprus

Benefits of photovoltaic systems in Cyprus.

  • No noise during solar power production.
  • An eco-friendly way of producing electricity.
  • In Cyprus, the sun shines almost all year long.
  • You can get deductions on your electricity bill.
  • Photovoltaics in Cyprus can increase the value of a property.
  • Photovoltaic panels in Cyprus require minimum maintenance.
  • The lifespan of photovoltaic panels in Cyprus can reach 25 years.
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households and businesses in cyprus to install photovoltaic systems
An Important Need for Households and Businesses in Cyprus to Install Photovoltaic Systems

As electricity prices rise, the need for photovoltaic installation in many properties in Cyprus becomes urgent. The goals made at the beginning of 2020 have been met and exceeded with a 17% of the final electricity consumption being produced by renewable energy sources knowing that the goal at the beginning was only 13%

properly maintain photovoltaic systems in cyprus
How to Properly Maintain Photovoltaic Systems in Cyprus

Maintaining a photovoltaic system is crucial to keep it functioning properly and reduce the possibility of long-term repair costs. To ensure optimal performance, photovoltaic systems should be cleaned and inspected regularly. Depending on the location and weather conditions, intervals between maintenance sessions can vary. Here we will provide tips on how to properly maintain photovoltaic systems in Cyprus.

how does net metering works in cyprus
How Does Net-Metering Work in Cyprus?

As part of the scheme of promoting renewable energy use and contributing to environmental protection, the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry offers photovoltaic schemes for citizens to benefit from while helping the environment and Net-Metering is one of these schemes.