Commercial Photovoltaic Systems

Commercial and industrial solar panels are mostly used by businesses as a way to power their premises and save on electricity bills. The photovoltaic systems are installed on the roof or the plot of commercial or industrial premises as part of a self-produce scheme.

Any excess energy generated cannot be stored for future use. Shops, factories and other commercial or industrial businesses use the energy generated by the solar panels on site and only for self-consumption. If the production of energy is more than what the business consumes, the remaining energy cannot be used for the economic benefit of the consumer.

commercial photovoltaics

A commercial photovoltaic system designed for your business

We strive to give our customers the best service and make sure that they choose the appropriate and most beneficial photovoltaic system for their needs.

We always design a commercial photovoltaic system according to the customer’s requirements after an evaluation of their consumption. Our tailored commercial photovoltaic systems in Cyprus are based on a needs analysis, an assessment of the customer’s consumption and on the estimation of the energy that can potentially be generated based on the space and sun exposure at the customer’s premises.

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