Fronius Inverters
in Cyprus

What started in 1945 as a specialist repair shop for radios and electrical equipment has developed to be a globally known high-tech enterprise. Innovation, sustainability and cutting-edge technologies are some of the main characteristics of Fronius.

Our commitment to high-quality products for our photovoltaic systems in Cyprus means that we only use the best inverters in the market. We use and install some Fronius inverters based on the company’s extensive experience in the field. Fronius has been designing inverters since 1995 and their proven reliability makes them a trustworthy choice for our projects.



Quality control, proactive maintenance, and quick response times.



Development and implementation of cutting-edge technology.



Committed to sustainability and the preservation of the environment.



Years of business growth and global influence since 1945.

Fronius Inverters

With power categories ranging from 1.5 kW to 100 kW, Fronius inverters in Cyprus are suitable for a wide range of system sizes, from small residential applications to large-scale commercial or industrial installations.

Main features:

  • Super high efficiency
  • Snap in inverter technology for easier maintenance
  • Integrated data communication
  • Smart grid ready
  • Dynamic peak manager
  • Transformerless
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fronius inverters in cyprus

Symo 3.7-3-M

  • Max efficiency: 98 %
  • DC insulation measurement
  • DC Reverse polarity protection
fronius inverters in cyprus

Symo 17.5-3-M

  • Max efficiency: 98,1 %
  • Transformerless design
  • DC insulation measurement
fronius inverters in cyprus

Primo 6.0-1 208-240

  • Max efficiency: 96,9 %
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Over temperature protection

Does the inverter have any open interfaces?

Yes, the PV Fronius inverters in Cyprus have open interfaces, enabling seamless integration with third-party systems.

Are Fronius inverters of a high quality?

When it comes to the Fronius Galvo, Symo, and Symo Hybrid inverters, their recognition by the Plus X Awards for their high quality, functionality, and ecological impact is a testament to their exceptional performance.

Does Fronius have a certified QM system?

Of course. Fronius has maintained full certification in compliance with ISO 9001 standards for more than 2 decades.

Is Fronius an experienced and reputable company in the field of solar technology?

Yes. Fronius is active in solar technology since 1992 with the first inverted created in 1995. The company’s’ success and experience are reflected in the numerous awards the company has received in various categories, including energy and ecology.