How Does Net-Metering Work in Cyprus?

how does net metering works in cyprus

As part of the scheme of promoting renewable energy use and contributing to environmental protection, the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry offers photovoltaic schemes for citizens to benefit from while helping the environment. Net-Metering is one of these schemes.

Net-Metering allows Cypriot residents to save on their electricity bills by generating energy through their photovoltaic systems. Learn everything about how net-metering work in Cyprus and more about Photovoltaics in Cyprus and get in contact for more information.

How it works

Any permanent resident can install a photovoltaic system on the roof or the ground of their property. The maximum power for Net-Metering in Cyprus is 10.4 kW and the photovoltaic system is directly connected to the EAC network. The energy the photovoltaic panels produce is used for consumption by the property owners. If the solar panels produce more energy than the house residents consume, the excess energy will be saved in the EAC grid for use the following month.

On the other hand, if the electricity consumption by the residents is more than what the photovoltaic system produces, energy from the EAC grid will be used. That energy will be charged on the consumer’s next EAC bill.  


Anyone who is a permanent resident in Cyprus is eligible for a photovoltaic system installation and connection to the Net-Metering scheme. The applicant must present the relevant documentation together with the completed application form.

Of course, the application can be accepted once every document is checked, and the applicant’s property is also assessed and approved for photovoltaic installation. This is very important because some properties do not have the appropriate space for the photovoltaic panels to be installed or a place where there is enough sun exposure.

Benefits of Net-Metering in Cyprus

Photovoltaic systems contribute to the reduction of the environmental problems that trouble our society and nature. The production of solar energy by photovoltaic systems that anyone can have at home is a way to a more sustainable lifestyle. Producing a type of renewable energy source at home shows us that we can all contribute to limiting non-renewable energy sources.

In addition to the environmental benefit, the installation of a photovoltaic system and the participation in a Net-Metering scheme is a way of saving on the electricity bill. Especially nowadays, with the electricity prices constantly rising, anyway that could help save on the EAC bill is a relief for the residents of Cyprus. Another positive aspect of Net-Metering and solar panels is that the amortization of the photovoltaic system can be achieved within 4 to 6 years. After that, the consumer and owner of the photovoltaic system in Cyprus will start making a profit.