Net-Metering in Cyprus


Net-Metering is an agreement where people who generate electricity through photovoltaic panels in Cyprus, get a deduction on their electricity bill. If the generation of electricity exceeds the consumption, the excess will be calculated for a reduction on the following electricity bill. However, if the consumption is more than the generation of electricity, the difference will be billed.

Net-Metering photovoltaic in Cyprus can be installed in any residential or commercial property under some conditions. The maximum power of a Net-Metering photovoltaic system with a 1-phase power supply is 4.16 kW while the maximum power of a Net-Metering photovoltaic system with a 3-phase power supply is 10.4 kW. They can be installed on the roof of a licensed house or building or the ground in the plot of a licensed house or building.

If a resident of an apartment building wants to install photovoltaic panels in Cyprus, all the residents must agree with it.

net-metering in cyprus

Virtual Net-Metering

With Virtual Net-Metering in Cyprus, the photovoltaic panels are installed offsite the property for which the arrangement is made. Thus, the calculations are done regarding the electricity consumption of a property with the difference that the solar panels are at a different location. In the case of Virtual Net-Metering in Cyprus, the photovoltaic system is again connected to the consumer’s EAC account and the calculations are done respectively.

Virtual Net-Metering is ideal for farmers, consumers whose properties are not suitable for photovoltaic panels or people who simply prefer having their solar panels installed away from their house.

virtual net metering

Required Documents

Eligible applicants must present the following documents for their application to be assessed.

  • Original building license.
  • Copy of a recent EAC bill.
  • Copy of the building’s plot plan.
  • Original EAC application form signed by the applicant.
  • Copies of the last six EAC bills or an EAC electricity usage statement for the last 12 months.
  • Copy of the building’s title deed or copies of the plot’s ownership title and construction license.
  • Original owner’s consent if the building’s owner is not the applicant or if there is more than one owner.
  • Signed statement from the applicant that the residential property for which the application is submitted is used as a permanent first residence.
  • Proof of vulnerability for applicants who wish to be grunted the beneficiary fund for disadvantaged and vulnerable electricity consumers.
  • In the case of non-Cypriot applicants, a copy of a permanent residency certificate (yellow slip) or copies of 6 recent EAC bills in the name of the applicant.


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