Operation of the Online Platform One Stop Shop for Renewable Energy Sources Projects

online platform one stop shop

The increased demand for the use of renewable energy Sources (RES) and the government’s effort for a rapid transition to the green economy has created the need for an easier way to apply for a RES project. In this blog you can learn more about the operation of the online platform One Stop Shop for renewable energy sources projects.

To facilitate the application process for the investment in RES projects, like the installation of photovoltaic systems, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry announced the operation of the online platform ‘One Stop Shop’. The development of this digital platform is implemented in the context of the implementation of the President’s pre-election announcement for the redesign, optimisation, and digitalisation of the licensing procedures for RES projects.

Initially, the platform concerns the digital submission of applications to license projects for energy production from RES. The second phase, expected to be completed before the end of 2024, will enable the full digitalisation of procedures and the digital approvals of applications.

This online platform will reduce bureaucracy and facilitate, in this way, both investor information and services, as well as project licensing procedures.

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