Traditional or Solar Streetlights in Cyprus?

traditional or solar street lights

It is no secret that when selecting streetlights, a major factor in the community’s final decision is costs and maintenance requirements. Streetlights are used in different areas of each city such as parks, streets, or highways. This source of light is mainly used for visibility and safety both for pedestrians and drivers. Here you can learn more about which is better, Traditional or Solar Streetlights?

The Positive Environmental Impact of Solar Streetlights

Traditional streetlights though, draw power from non-renewable sources of energy. On the contrary, solar energy streetlights draw power from a renewable source of energy, the sun. Solar energy drawn is converted into electrical energy. Replacing conventional streetlights with solar lights will benefit enormously our community.

What makes this investment necessary is the positive impact on our planet. Fossil fuels produced from a non-renewable source of energy are contaminating the environment and causing global warming. Moreover, the light produced by conventional streetlights is polluting the sky causing skyglow. Skyglow is the brightening of the sky due to the lights of cars, streetlamps, or outdoor advertising disturbing the observation of stars and planets.

A Cost-Effective and Low-Maintenance Investment

Solar energy can produce the same light and power as a non-renewable source of energy using LED technology. It is a one-time investment with extremely low maintenance and electricity costs. Certainly, they must be cleaned, but this is nothing in comparison to changing bulbs and wires. In addition, the installation process is much simpler than that of traditional streetlights.

Solar streetlights have approximately a 50,000-hour longer life span than traditional streetlights. Keep in mind that power cuts do not affect led lights, they remain lit up. Whereas conventional streetlights are always affected by power cuts. It is interesting to note that by using solar lights, there is no risk of starting a fire from electrical wires. In addition, overheating and electrocution will no longer be a possibility.

Furthermore, solar streetlights are much more bird-friendly. Birds are usually attracted to light, but these conventional artificial lights are responsible for birds losing their direction. Traditional lights contribute to the collision and disorientation of birds. On the contrary, environmentally friendly lights are less harmful to night migrating birds.

Contributing to Cyprus’ Energy Efficiency Directive

According to the EU directive on energy efficiency, Cyprus will have to achieve 0.24% energy savings each year for the 2021-2030 period. In some regions of Cyprus traditional bulbs have been replaced with led bulbs to decrease energy consumption, but still, there is a long way to go to minimize the bonds with non-renewable sources of energy.

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